Reflections On A 10 Day Challenge

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Looking Back on the 10 Day Challenge

Looking back on this 10 day challenge was insightful. I realised that I actually enjoyed the journey. I also found the questions challenging enough to make you think but not too difficult. I didn’t want to curl up in a ball to avoid writing about it.

First up I am going to say to myself, “Well done, You” 

There is a huge sense of accomplishment getting to the end of the 10 days. Hitting ‘publish’ each afternoon felt great. The rest of my day went smoothly with no feelings of remorse.  In the evening I wasn’t thinking I should have done more that day.

Challenge Complete Celebrate

What did I learn

I liked the discipline. Who knew? It’s my main takeaway. Discipline is the key to success because without it progress is so much harder.

Learning I can write reasonably well with a deadline was another key outcome for me. In fact, I have always known this but this challenge brought it to the forefront for me.

Not hiding behind a pseudonym and a fake photo made me feel strong. I am still finding my voice but that will come with more practice.

My favourite Day

My favourite was day three – writing about my perfect day. After all it’s the reason I am blogging here. That’s the life I want for myself and my partner. We deserve it! I feel like I am finally on the road to that place.

Next Steps

Continue. Don’t lose the momentum. I doubt I will be bogging every day moving forward, at least not in the beginning. I would like to take my advice and do more free writing and sleep on it overnight. A good starting point would be 2 – 3 meaty posts per week.

This challenge has been really enjoyable and I am so glad I did take part.  It has kick started a new blog and a new lifestyle! Thank you Natalie.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10



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