4 Tips For Setting Up Your Day

Tips to set yourself up for the day

4 tips

This is a great challenge today! Setting yourself up for success.

Having a daily plan and working that plan is the only way to keep your blog or business ticking along. This is why this 10 day challenge is so great, you need to do the task each and every day to keep the momentum going.

Personally, I have always been terrible at keeping a structure. As I no longer go to an office it’s so easy to get a bit lazy and just coast through the day. After all, there is another one tomorrow, right?

Wasting time is the one thing I struggle with. Who doesn’t prefer to just read emails, Facebook and your other social sites. Consuming other peoples content but never really acting on it. I bet a few of you are guilty of that. What about catching up with your favourite TV show, Netflix – I’ll get to work later, but often you never do.

Below are tips I have picked up from other people. I doubt they are unique but WHEN I do get into the groove these are the things I try to do.

Writing this down will start as a template for me going forward. I feel organised already, hehe…

The day actually starts the evening before!

Honestly, this is one of the best tips I have ever heard.

Writing down tomorrow’s to do list at the end of the current working day while your thoughts are still on work is GOLD.

How many times have you jumped out of bed excited to get on with the day and then just stare at a blank screen wondering ‘what was it I was going to get done today?’.  Can you relate?

Write down a list of 3 things you want to achieve that will drive your business forward. Do it the afternoon/evening before while still fresh in your mind. You can always add to them the next day if you need to.

This tip will give you a great starting point to the day and get things moving.

Scan email and social media accounts for anything important

I know, I know, just about every productivity guru and self proclaimed coach will tell you NOT to go near your email or Facebook first thing.

Here’s the thing for me, I live in Australia so I am constantly struggling with the time difference. Leaving this activity until after I have done other work could mean I am missing out on a time sensitive announcement or an important request.

One way I achieve this is to set up a VIP list in my email client (I on a MAC so use their MAIL app) and add all the important email addresses to it. Then you just need to check that area. Much easier!

I only scan through the general inbox mind you. I will clear down email to inbox zero later in the day…

Money Tasks First

This is one I learned for the great Lynn Terry.  Always, always attend to money tasks first.

Money tasks are anything that will bring in revenue or earn you a commission if you are a relationship marketer.

Email your list, write a blog post, share an offer on social media. Continue to work on your ebook or course. Just be sure it’s something that will lead to income either immediately or in the future. Simple!

Create a much content as you consume

This one may be a bit of a challenge! I must admit I am a bit rubbish at it myself. But it’s really a great mantra to try to work by.

This doesn’t need to be taken literally but if you are on Facebook consuming others posts, write one yourself and put it onto your page or group. Same goes with Instagram and Twitter.

If you have read a great blog post on your RSS reader – be inspired and write your own blog post.

As I said this is a tough one to stick with but the rewards will come if you persevere.

Other tips that may help


success tips

The first two have been mentioned a few times on this challenge but the last one may be new to you!

The Pomodoro Technique is a very popular way to get work done by breaking down work into 20 – 25 minute chunks of time. At the end of the chunk take a 5 minute break for a stretch or get a coffee. Then do another chunk and another break until the task is complete.  I used this to write this post today.

Use an online program like Trello or Asana. I am currently using Trello (my referral link) but want to give Asana a trial run, (only after I have done my money tasks!) Both of these programs can be used for free, so definitely worth looking into.

Free writing. I admit I find this really difficult to do. What is it you ask?

Setting a timer such as Pomodora for say 20 minutes and just write. NO stopping to correct spelling mistakes, no stopping to fix grammar or punctuation, no stopping to look up the meaning of a word. Just write and get all of you thoughts out on the page.

Take a break, let if percolate then make your corrections and changes. I have tried it – it’s hard but can be great for things like your about page or your ‘elevator pitch’

I am going to really try to stick to these tips and I hope you have picked some ideas that may help your productivitiy.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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