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How to find your tribe

Blogging and running a business online can be a really lonely place. If you are working from home for the first time it can take a little getting used to.

No chats to the person in the cubicle next to you, no one to go out on a lunch break with you and no one to laugh with in the tea room.

It’s no wonder a lot of home based business owners spend way too much time on Facebook and other social media. It makes them feel connected with the world – if only virtually. But, I disgress…

girls in a groupFinding Mentors and Role Models

After you have been online for a while you will no doubt come across people who are doing EXACTLY what you want to do in the way you would love to do it!

I have come across many such people in my time. To get started I usually follow them on my favourite social media channels and put their blog into my RSS reader. That way I can see their new blog posts and what they are doing in their business. It can be very inspiring!

Not everyone you gravitate towards will be the right fit for you. Some personalities don’t gel with everyone and so following them for a time helps me work that out.

After some time has passed I will then sign up for their newsletter or even purchase one of their products. Once this happens I am in the ‘tribe’.

I am always on the look out for people like myself. In fact, I have discovered two just from doing this challenge.

My Favourite Inspirational People

Lynn Terry

Lynn is someone I aspire to be. She is a super affiliate (her words) and a phenomenal relationship marketer. Lynn has a natural style that never seems forced and is a great teacher. She has become one of my mentors. I am part of her Elite Forum on her ClickNewz site where she helps her members wade through the twists and turns of affiliate marketing and social media.

Lynn also runs a highly successful 90 Day Low Carb Challenge on Facebook as part of her TravelingLowCarb site.

I am so happy to have Lynn in my corner and is my go to person for all things affiliate!

Natalie Sisson

It seems a little cheeky to use her as one of my inspirations for this post. It’s true though!

I don’t remember exactly how I found Natalie Sisson but I DO remember thinking, this is the type of person I have been looking for.

She is exactly the sort of entrepreneur and online presence that I would like to become myself. The Suitcase Entrepreneur was a name that instantly resonated with me. I mean who doesn’t want to constantly travel the world and still bring in an income? Sounds like my dream job!

I have met Natalie in person when I attended one of her workshops a couple of years ago and she certainly didn’t disappoint. She is as friendly and fun as she seems online. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t continue down that road – the time wasn’t right but I did continue to follow her.

I always listen to her podcasts and enjoy her emails and I am certainly glad to be back in the ‘fold’!

Evelyn Hannon from Journeywoman

I haven’t met Evelyn but I sure would like to! She runs a huge online business geared toward female travellers and devotes a lot of to older female travellers. Just like me!

The life Evelyn leads seems full of adventure and proves yet again age is never a barrier to travel. If I met Evelyn, I would ask her if she had to do this all over again, would she? Was the rewards worth the hard work. What, if anything would she do differently. I think I know what she would say but would love to have the conversation with her.

There are of course many, many more people I could mention. My Feedly is full of blogs I follow and admire. These 3 women have really resonated with me and have taught me a lot.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6





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