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Angel Sculpture Birrarung Marr
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If you live in any capital or major city around world you will no doubt be familiar with public art. This can be anything from graffiti, wall murals or commissioned pieces taking permanent pride of place around the city.

Melbourne, Australia is no exception. In fact, Melbourne has gathered quite a reputation as having great and interesting street art. The popularity of the recent “Banksy’ exhibition is testament to that fact.

Yarra City Precinct

One of the most striking pieces I regularly see on my walks along the Yarra River is the interesting and curious ‘Angel”. This area has a lot of interesting landmarks but today I will focus on this renown piece of sculpture.

Angel by Deborah Halpern

Angel by Deborah Halpern along the Yarra waterfront in Birrarung Marr

Public Art Melbourne - Angel

The creator of this work is Deborah Halpern who is a local sculptor, ceramic and mosaic artist. Her iconic sculpture Angel, was originally commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria to sit in the moat area outside the gallery. It has since been relocated to Birrarung Marr Park.

Angel is made from a mix of ceramic, steel and concrete. Standing around 10 metres tall (32 feet) tall it took 3 years to complete. The unusual imagery is meant to represent different forms of life including fish, birds, plants, a crocodile as well as angels and different fantasy type creatures. 

Any day of the week you will finds loads of tourists in the area photographing not just the sculpture but the interesting cityscapes available from that vantage point. On fine, sunny days you will find yourself waiting quite a while to get the ‘perfect’ shot of Angel!

I recommend you take the short stroll along the river from the city centre to this fantastic Melbourne landmark!

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the wide, varied and interesting public art which visitors and tourists may find interesting.


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