My Vision For The Future

My Vision for the Future

Day 3 of this challenge is, well challenging! I spent some time thinking about it and have written quite a lot of this before. Putting it into the current tense felt odd but here we go…

morning_enjoying_beachHere is my perfect day as I envision it today

I woke up this morning feeling rested and refreshed. I feel great today and I cannot wait to get the day underway and I jump out of bed! It’s a warm, barmy morning and the fresh air from my open window feels good. I get dressed into my exercise/ walking gear ready to start the day.

My other half has just woken up as well and he feels the same as me, no longer constantly hitting the snooze button because he doesn’t want to get up for work! I feel very lucky!

Down to the kitchen and switch on the kettle for my morning hot lemon drink! This is part of a ritual I have been doing for some time now. While I am drinking my lemon drink I update my podcasts on my iPhone and make sure it’s charged enough.

I grab my key, water bottle, headphones and head out the door for my morning walk along the beach. I listen to a very good motivational podcast and I pause to make a note of an idea the podcast has triggered.

On returning home, there is a coffee waiting for me and a breakfast of eggs and bacon ready to be eaten. We take breakfast out to the terrace and eat it with the sound of the waves coming in on the shore.

My husband and I discuss what needs to be done today as far as business goes and then we talk about what we will do in the afternoon as a reward once the work is done. Today we have decided to get out the bikes and go for a ride down to the local markets to pick up some fresh food for the next couple of days.

It’s now time for me to get into a couple of light chores to get the house looking neat and tidy as I like order. The weekly cleaner is coming later this morning so the house will be clean and shiny for a least a few days. This makes me smile as I really hate to do a lot of cleaning!

Now I move into the office, which of course has a view over the ocean and check any email I need to deal with and talk to my VA. I  want to be sure she is comfortable with the work that needs to be done today and offer any assistance to get rid of any blockages.

I now have time to jump on my social media accounts and get some engagement going. I do this myself as I enjoy the interaction even though it is over the internet. I continue to do what is on my to do list and work up to lunch time.

I am please with myself as there is a big red line through everything on my list today! Yahoo!

Lunch today is at a cafe which is just a short walk down the road. Getting out and away from the ‘office’ is good for not just my back but for my sense of well being generally.

We have a nice lunch together of seafood and salad and decide we would like to plan another trip to one of the countries on our bucket list. We are really excited about this and we don’t even discuss how much it will cost as we know we have enough to do the things we enjoy.

Heading back home, we grab our bikes and head off down to the markets. I love these markets as they have a fabulous array of fruits and vegetables that are fresh and organic.

We pick up some meat as well as tonights dinner will be steaks with grilled asparagus, baked vegetable and salad. One of our favourites.

I have unpacked our shopping and decide that I would like to catch up some of my reading. I have a Kindle full of great books that I would love to read, so I pick one and sit down in my favourite comfortable chair for a couple of hours until it’s time to get dinner organised.

Before I get into the kitchen, I update my to do list for tomorrow and then close the door on the office.

It’s now around 7.30pm and dinner is ready to be served. We decide to eat on the terrace again as the weather is still warm and there is just a light breeze making it perfect for eating outside.

We decide which wine we will have tonight and sit down to enjoy our meal. After the cleanup, it’s time to relax in front of the TV with our feet up to watch one of the movies we have recorded on our set top box.

I know I should go to bed now but I am a bit of a night owl, so I stay up a bit longer to finish the book I am reading.

It’s after midnight now so off I go to bed to dream happy dreams and start my day again tomorrow.


That’s a perfect day for me if I was settled down in a home and not on the road. My day would probably be similar though if I was travelling around just the location and scenery would be different.

Now I have clarified how I would like to live going forward, it’s important I start integrating some of these concepts into my daily life now! This 10 day challenge is a real eye opener. Love it!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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