Dealing With Procrastination and Overwhelm

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Actions to Continue the Momentum

I must admit I had a bit of trouble with today’s challenge. How to stop procrastination and overwhelm from sabotaging your progress.

I gave myself time to think about it and decided that even though I had spoken about some of these things in my earlier posts, here are what I think are my keys to moving forward.

Get up and get out!

I have always been a bit of a walker especially since I got a bit older. Back in the day I was a huge sport and gym junkie but the ol’ bones ain’t what they once were!

Walking daily not only keeps me fit but I find it also helps with my general well-being.

Action #1

Each morning go for a walk. My goal for the day is 10,000 steps. I will generally walk rain, hail or shine in the warmer weather but in the cooler months or inclement weather I will use my bands in the lounge room.

Tidy Up

I really hate clutter which is ironic as when I am in full work or research mode the house can sometimes be neglected.

Action #2

After exercise, tidy up the house and do some light chores. Unfortunately for us women we are often the ones that tasked with the domestics.

Doing this will mean I can dedicate the time I need for the last but the most important activity.

Write at least one blog post

Once exercise is over and I have decluttered my space it’s time to get to work.

Action #3

In an earlier post I mention using the pomodoro and free writing techniques as a way to get more writing done. I have about 4 blogs and they all need content. Writing at least one post a day for at least one of the blogs will guarantee there is always something fresh to share with my tribe!

The original brief was to write about one action but I believe doing all 3 will get me a better result and a bit of work life balance!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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